Friday, April 26, 2013

The Battle For Sanity Through Wellness In Your Work

We All Need A Battle Buddy
Today I had a really big battle to maintain my sanity and not lose it. We are talking the night before was rough with tight muscles and then the following morning was tumultuous as well. I am so thankful for my best-friend. Everyone needs someone like her in their lives! I spent 9 years without seeing her and a total of 14 years without being around her. Our lives went on, hers just as fraught with challenges and growth as mine and when we were reunited the journey of getting to each other started all over again.
When I was in the Air Force we called our designated companion for training, or an exercise, or a mission our Wing Man. In the Army they are called a battle buddy. The truth is that we aren't meant to go through life alone. I was once told by a very wise woman that all we need is 1 person to believe in us and we can succeed at anything!

Not Going It Alone
I have had many misadventures and I re-entered my best-friend's life in a position of extreme vulnerability.
I was a single mom with a serous health condition looking to start my life over from nothing. Well, I had a vehicle with a blown head and then the gasket, and clothes and a neurotic dog that got a new home. I did not have an income and I did not have a job. I was fortunate enough to be able to start from zero and get to a place of working, having an apartment that would take me in my position of instability and then get a vehicle with a dealership that would also take a risk with me.
 We had our growing pains and bumbles but our friendship became even deeper as mothers. I often believe that I get more from her than she does me. My nick-name all to often given to me by new people in my social circles is "Crazy Amy". I am a firework and my bestie is an even burning torch. I am yang and she is yin.
Most recently I have brought her along on the journey towards an end that I really need her strength, experience and way of thinking to be contributed in achieving. We are now enjoying the crazy ride as business partners in launching a new business. Our days are pretty comical when I look back on them...but man, are we being stretched to our limit. We are relying heavily on our previous education and experience. It is pretty intense. We have not had any mentoring in our endeavor, although we had a great time of getting some sage advice from my best-friend's mom...but we have pretty much been on our own for getting the ground work laid. Many hours of research, some in-congruence and then alignment are the norm in our days. Checking and double checking our math and formulas (we are both not fans or savants of math), proofreading our business presentation and keeping our focus on the big picture have been catalytic!

"If we work our tails off in the beginning then we can sit back and have our business run itself."

This is the one saying that we find ourselves repeating. We sometimes can't see the means to the end that we need to culminate at first and then we peg it for later. Everything works out and flows pretty well. We have allotted 6 hours a day to work. This is primarily because the bestie is an amazing mom and wife and has a schedule that she operates on in order to be able to get her homework done and her family settled in while she is in school most weeknights and some weekends. I tried school as a single parent and working, I just couldn't do it. I didn't have the support and my body and relationship with my son suffered. I admire her for fighting through challenges to get her school work done. What is her major? I take responsibility for that-massage therapy and wellness modalities. That is what I wanted to complete and eventually I will. We are both into wellness.

Wellness In Our Work
Going "a million miles a minute" is fantastic! We brainstorm like phenomenons that are immortalized in movies and idolized in the series of Dr.Who where the doctor verbalizes how quickly he thinks very eloquently...that is because his character has had 900 years to learn to correlate his speech with his rate of thought. We are not as eloquent and we have only been talking for 28/29 years. We have been experiencing the power of thought and ideas first hand. It is just fantastic...and exhausting. I find myself spinning out of control as my mind has been whirling about all of the eventualities to our decisions, the unanswered equations with missing formula components and the transition of moving from my current circumstances into different ones and all that comes along with them...and oh the responsibility that is coming my way BIG time as a CEO, President, trainer, mentor, communications relay and more! I am still a single mommy and life at home has to carry on.

This morning my bestie was wise enough to ensure that we did 30 minutes of yoga. It was my 3rd time in my life doing yoga. I found it centering as I communed with myself, listened to what my soul had been screaming at me and released everything in prayer. Yoga helped me to align my powerful intellect with my soul and my body. It is really odd to express that in such clarity even as I do. I grew up with constant strain on my person and through destructive communication I detached from my core self. I fight the notion daily that I am a black hole of joy, happiness, prosperity, peace and love. Yoga helped me to win the battle. How? Grounding.
The crazy thing is that after doing yoga I knocked my phone to the floor and the terrible thought and feeling cycle began again. I finally verbalized how I had been feeling for over 20 years, twice today!
My best-friend helped me to deal with what I was going through instead of my continued habit of emotional supression.
I had to walk away and get grounded again and pray. I went through a myriad of emotions. I finally came to a place of acceptance and exhaustion.

The lesson that I took away from today is that my wellness needs to be considered in everything that I do. My wellness of mind, body and soul, or spirit as some say. I am in a unique position right now in life and I need to stay at the top of my game, being instead of only doing is key. Being present, being in touch, and being grounded. Regardless of whether you work at home, or at a job that you like, it is important to take time for your wellness in your work, that is now my main law of operating!

Thanks for the read, here is to your wellness!

Amy Smith

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